It is our objective to : Provide the comprehensive education necessary to prepare students for successful, productive, and rewarding careers in engineering for agricultural, food, and biological systems.

We expect that graduates of our program will :

- Be able to apply the mathematical, physical, engineering, and biological principles needed to understand, analyze, and solve problems in food, agricultural, environmental, and biological systems.

- Be effective in oral, written, and visual communication.

- Be self-motivated in accomplishing tasks, both as an individual, and as a contributor to multi-disciplinary teams

- Be able to understand the social, environmental, safety, and economic impacts of their work in local and global contexts, and to perform in a professional and ethical manner.

-Be committed to enhancing knowledge and skills through continuing education.


Credit requirements for graduation

The department curriculum has three components: General education requirements(31 Credits), a major(84 Credits), and electives.


Yr-Sem-R/E Course (Credit)

Yr-Sem-R/E Course (Credit)

2-1-R Bio-thermodynamics(3)

2-1-R Biosystem Basic Computer Programming and Practice(3)

2-1-E Engineering Mechanics I(3)

2-1-E Applied Mathematics I(3)

2-1-E Computer Aided Design(3)

2-1-E Biosystems Material Engineering




3-1-R Fluid Mechanics(3)

3-1-R Field Machinery and Practice(3)

3-1-R Farm Shop and Practice (3)

3-1-R Design programming of Agricultural Machinery

3-1-E Fluid Machinery (3)

3-1-E Material Engineering for Biological Application Ⅱ (3)

3-1-E Bio-energy Engineering




4-1-R Tractor Engineering and Practice(3)

4-1-E Precision Agriculture System engineering(3)

4-1-E Biosystems engineering seminarⅡ (Capstone Design)(3)

4-1-E Biosystem Modelling and Analysis(3)

4-1-E Bioprocessing Engineering(3)

2-2-R Numerical Analysis(3)

2-2-R Material Engineering for Biological


2-2-E Engineering Mechanics II(4)

2-2-E Applied Mathematics II(3)

2-2-E Electrical/Electronics Engineering


2-2-E Biosystem Application Computer Programming and Practice(3)


3-2-R Agricultural Process Machinery and Practice(3)

3-2-R Transport Phenomena in Bioproducts(3)

3-2-R Biosystems Engineering seminar I

-Capstone Design(3)

3-2-E Mechanisms

3-2-E Internal Combustion Engines(3)

3-2-E Bioenvironment System Engineering(3)

3-2-E Design programming of Agricultural Machinery

3-2-E Biosystem-instrumentation


4-2-E Farm Machinery Management (Capstone Design)(3)

4-2-E Smart farming Control Measurement and Experiments(3)

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